The star from «The Dark Knight Rises» then and now: The little heroine of the great film turned 23 becoming a real beauty

The little heroine from «The Dark Knight Rises» has grown up into a real beauty

Joey King started her drizzling acting career step by step initially taking part in commercials, episodes of children’s TV shows and then in major roles. It is worth mentioning that she brilliantly acted in the cult melodrama «It’s Stupid Love» and «The Dark Knight Rises» where she was lucky enough to get the role of Marion Cotillard.

While growing up, she was offered more and more roles successfully establishing her unique and irreplaceable place in the film industry. She participated in action as well as adventurous movies reincarnating as a rom-com movie star. It is relevant to mention that the most popular one so far was «The Kissing Booth» released on Netflix.

Many critics strongly hold the opinion that the melodrama ruined her drizzling career, whereas the charming actress doesn’t think so. She regrets nothing and doesn’t cease to be proud of her participation

Have you watched the legendary film? If yes, did you like it?

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