«She is truly a fashion connoisseur»: Here are exclusive photos of iconic 66-year-old celebrity Kris Jenner in youth in swimwear

Archival photos of Kris Jenner, her current workout routine and what she eats a day

It is needless to say that K. Jenner is among one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. The iconic woman at 66, a mother of 6 has always been a fashionista, especially in youth delighting the fans with her looks in swimwear.

Meanwhile, the celebrity doesn’t try to deny the fact she credits her charm and attractiveness to proper nutrition and regular exercise as well as interventions of cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

During one of her interviews, the iconic Californian beauty admitted what procedures she has undergone: Botox, fillers, laser and similar procedures. She had a bob job in the 1980s, another breast augmentations after she had four children.

«The same doctor who implanted them also removed them, had to perform a minor lift, and then implanted smaller ones».

She admitted, «I have the same nose I was born with».

Frankly speaking, far not everyone could keep up with her diet and training. She wakes at 4 or 5 am and tries to accomplish a lot in the morning. Once she shared.

«I prepare everything, make sure everything is good the entire time I’m on the treadmill, and I drink lots of coffee to get me going».

Despite being in her 60s, Kris still pursues her goals and has indulging desires. «My dream meal day would just be to keep my diet».

The celebrity starts her day with a waffle or French breakfast, eats a Chinese chicken salad and then finishes at Casa Vega. Jenner’s most favorite restaurant is Mexican with rice and beans, beef tacos and cheese enchiladas.

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