“A popular model weighing 155 kilos!”: The model with non-standard appearance surprised with her spicy look

This plus-size model appeared in a bold look leaving everyone speechless

Meet Tess Holiday, a plus-size model whose weight is, believe it or not, 155 kilos. It is worth mentioning that the absolutely unique girl isn’t going to stop and, what is more, wants to reach 200 kilos.

It should be noted that her popular Instagram page has more than 2 million followers who sincerely admire the girl’s unusual figure and energy. As she regularly receives a bunch of compliments, Tess strives to reach the weight 200 kilos.

Tess doesn’t feel insecure about her non-standard appearance at all and many would definitely envy her self-confidence. Her each and every look greatly surprises the network.

Everyone was left speechless seeing the spicy dress of the model who came to her friend’s birthday party. She rushed to compare herself with an ordinary-looking girl in the same dress showing how different one and the same outfit can look in people possessing different body shapes.

Tess proved one more time that she actually has no intention to lose weight, instead, she has a goal to gain even more.

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