“From where it all started!”: This is how the iconic celebrities looked in their first professional portfolio

Let’s compare famous stars today with their photos from the first portfolio

If you are already in your 30s or 40s, you definitely know that since the time you first wrote a resume for applying for a job, you have changed a great deal and your photos there may even cause laughter. There is currently a tendency on the network called #OldHeadshotDay which reveals how well-known actors and actresses looked in their youth and one can clearly see the huge difference.

So, here are successful celebrities who are already in their 30s and more. Let’s see how they actually looked in their first professional portfolio.

J. M. Johnson

J. Garner

Ch. Grace Moretz

Ed Helms

Busy Philipps

Isla Fisher

Bobby Cannavale

Sophie Turner

David Harbour

Melissa McCarthy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Naomi Watts

Chris Pratt

Warwick Davis

Kristen Bell

Adam Sandler

Rebel Wilson

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ben Stiller

Amanda Seyfried

Reese Witherspoon

Gerard Butler

Leslie Jones

Emma Watson

Matt Damon

Jamie Lee Curtis

Drew Barrymore

Nathalie Emmanuel

Zach Braff

Tori Spelling

Penelope Cruz

Natalie Portman

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