«Redefining Aging Gracefully»: The Inspiring Journey of a Stylish Grandmother Defying Time

She has become the inspiration for many designers and fashion experts  😳😍

Nowadays many women over 40 have better look than they had in their youth. And it is all the result of their self-care, sports and nutrition.

And today’s story is about a woman named Jacqueline Berrido Pisano, who is called the most fashionable grandmother on the Internet.

She is an Italian model, who is very popular on Instagram. She has many adorable photoshoots and it’s hard to guess her age from the photos.

She is from Serbia, but lives in Italy with her daughter and grandchildren. She has perfect taste and a gorgeous figure, so she became a popular model. She has a lot of fans everywhere.

Besides her adorable taste she is also a polyglot, she knows five languages and perfectly speaks them. She also has her own tender company. She became truly popular after the age of 30.

Fashion is now Jacqueline’s whole life, as she became a model and a blogger, who shares many useful insights with her followers.

Her popularity started when several years ago she shared a photo and called herself a grandmother who loves fashion. Her photo became popular and from that moment she has become a well-known blogger.

The secret of her success is her healthy lifestyle and also good care. With her strong will to look gorgeous she became the motivation of people of all ages.

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