«Man’s Enduring Love». This man’s action left his neighbors speechless 

Love is the happiest feeling in the world 🤗❤️

People can feel love in different forms, but not all of them have it in their lives. Some people even live alone their whole life in the hope of finding true love.

But today’s tale is unique. A man named Winston Howes and his beloved wife Jeanette had been married for 33 years and their neighbors were amazed by their connection.

They had no argues in their lives unlike other couples and were the true proofs of pure love.

But unfortunately their love story ended very early when Jeanette passed away unexpectedly. Winston was upset for his wife’s loss and considered doing something in honor of her memory. He considered planting oak trees.

Their neighbors considered Winston was planting trees to distract himself and not think about his wife. And no one was attentive to his gardening project.

But they didn’t know the importance of his idea. There was land near their home where Winston planted almost 6000 oak trees.

And only after two decades one of his neighbors was flying in a hot air balloon and saw the true miracle. Winston left a heart-shaped empty place and there he planted gorgeous daffodils.

Winston might have considered something like this in the hope, that his beloved wife would see this from heaven. Such tales remind us about the best feeling in the world: love.

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