«What an ill-suited couple!». Monica Bellucci and her new lover have been criticized by netizens  

Fans were surprised by her choice of partner  😱😳

When Monica Bellucci and director Tim Burton were spotted together on the street, people began to actively discuss them, writing their opinions in the comments.

64-year-old Tim and Monica seemed happy and satisfied together, and according to some sources, Monica proudly accepts the fact that she fell in love with him at first sight and now feels calm and peaceful next to him.

Fans were shocked with the star’s choice. Even many people wrote that her previous partner Vincent Cassel was better. They couldn’t understand why Monica has chosen such an old and unattractive man as her partner.

Of course, there were positive comments as well, but criticism prevailed. Fans didn’t consider them a matching couple, thinking that the actress could make a better choice.

What do you think about them as a couple? Do you think they look beautiful together?

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