«What a kind gesture!»: Lady Gaga rushed to the photographer’s aid during the important event  

Lady Gaga’s act on the red carpet pulled everyone’s attention 😳😍

Lady Gaga attended at the 95th Academy Awards and what she did there made everyone speechless. The celebrity showed her true personality with her kind move.

She helped the photographer who fell to the ground when he tried to approach her to take a picture.

Lady Gaga was shining that day with her stunning look. She had chosen a stylish black dress, which highlighted her figure and gave her a pretty look. The luxurious jewelry and bright makeup completed her image.

When she spotted the man falling to the ground, immediately ran towards him and tried to pick him up. When the journalist thanked her for her kind gesture, she put her hand on his shoulder.

This act was spotted by the witnesses and even the scene was captured and shared on social media.

Her move was appreciated by her fans and she got a lot of nice words from them.

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