«Wearing pajamas outside is not suitable for such a famous star». Julia Roberts was caught on the street  

Fans had a challenging time identifying her  😳🧐

55-year-old Julia Roberts was captured by the paparazzi while having a walk in sporting pajamas and a baseball cap. It is unbelievable that the star is already 55 years old, because she dresses like a young girl.

Surprisingly the celebrity doesn’t appear in events and public gatherings frequently, saying that she feels discomfort in front of so many people and cameras. She decided to focus on her personal life and family.

When she was photographed in this outfit, fans were disappointed. They didn’t like what she was wearing outside because this look didn’t suit such a famous person and her beauty was lost in it.

Even many people didn’t recognize her at once, because Julia looks completely different in this style. Fans also noticed that she has lost weight and doesn’t look as bright and stunning as before.

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