«The whole world is mourning»: The actor of «Once Upon a Time in America» passed away

Our favorite actor Williams passed away leaving his fans in tears and sorrow 😢

The departure of our beloved actor left the entire world speechless. This happened when he was riding a bicycle. Though he was wearing a helmet, it didn’t help him survive and he, unfortunately, passed away.

The fatal accident was caused by the collision by an SUV. Its driver, surprisingly, suffered only minor injuries.

The prominent actor was 71 at that time. He was one of the esteemed and highly praised film stars for whom a Golden Globe nomination was made. He was best remembered for his role in «Once Upon a Time in America», «Start Over», etc.

He was happily married and had two adorable kids. In the last years of his life he stepped away from the Hollywood glamour and dwelled in a quiet village. When he was announced dead, his family, relatives and friends were left speechless.

The tragic news hit the entire world. He will always be remembered as a highly respected and praiseworthy actor.


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