The stars of «Wild Angel» then and now: This is how the beautiful couple from the series has changed since then

Everyone’s favorite actors from «Wild Angel» met each other after many years 🤗🥰

Probably everyone was impatiently waiting for the release of each and every episode of this popular romantic drama. The families gathered together to watch it and follow the interesting lives and love story of the leading characters.

The soundtrack by N. Oreiro «Cambio Dolar» was listened to worldwide. The life of the main actors became the center of attention since they became a couple in real life too. Whereas their relationship didn’t last long and ended in a breakup.

The leading actor brilliantly played by F. Arana became the favorite of the viewers and won millions of girls’ hearts. When the main characters met, the man exclaimed «You are beautiful as always! And I became a gray-haired old man».

Now, the actor is 50, yet he looks much older according to many of his fans.

It is worth mentioning that the renowned actor is currently married to Maria Susini. The couple has a daughter born in 2008 and twins born in 2010.

What concerns Natalia, she had been with P. Eccari for six years, but, unluckily, they experienced a painful breakup in 2000.

One year later, she met 44-year-old R. Mollo and soon they got married. Their humble wedding took place on a yacht off the coast in Brazil.

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