«The Pretty Woman with big hips and a belly!»: The way actress Roberts has changed resulted in mixed reactions

The fans refuse to believe that this homeless-like woman is the iconic Pretty Woman 😱😳

This outstanding actress is best known throughout the world for her role in «Pretty Woman». She has managed to captivate the world with her radiant smile, slender figure and charisma.

She is among those actresses who embrace natural aging and accept getting older. The 55-year-old actress is highly appreciated by her loyal fans for her honesty and self-acceptance.

The legendary actress’s recent look left the entire world speechless. Many noticed that she didn’t look as good and attractive as before. According to many, she looks even older than she is now. Some are sure she doesn’t exercise at all.

Several people claimed that she didn’t deserve to play the role of «Pretty Woman» being astonished by her aged and radically changed appearance.

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