«The gothic family 10 years later!»: This is what the unusual spouses look like 10 years after their wedding

The odd couple whose wedding turned everyone’s heads look different years later 🧐😳

The wedding ceremony of this non-standard couple had long been the subject of heated discussions. The way they looked on their special day literally left everyone speechless. Their odd appearance piqued people’s interest.

The strange photos they shared from their wedding surfaced on the network and caused mixed reactions. Many were wondering what the spouses look like today.

Their unique gothic-like style turned people’s heads and became the target for bully.

The bride’s partly shaved head and black dress let no single one stay indifferent and the groom’s long white hair astonished people. It was quite intriguing how they have changed since then.

Their current appearance will let nobody stay indifferent. The girl became a blonde and gained more femininity.

Here are their absolutely adorable children.

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