«Pimples and uneven skin!»: The natural beauty of Gomez resulted in mixed reactions

Many of the fans were disappointed to see their favorite singer’s makeup-free face 😳😱

The great talent, beautiful voice and charisma can hardly be overestimated. The iconic performer never ceases to delight the entire world with her natural beauty with no makeup and any preparation.

She once again delighted the whole world with her kindness, bighearted and charisma. For many, it was a big surprise to see what the legendary singer and actress looked like with no cosmetics.

Selena considers it okay to show her makeup-free face with no shame and embarrassment. She often shows herself with no filters and Photoshop.

The fans and supporters of the performer express their gratitude for her openness, kind-heartedness and honesty. She proved one more time that she is beautiful both inside and outside.

It is important to note that she views criticizing comments with humor and replies ironically.

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