«No one has ever seen such big eyes before!»: This is how the girl with Axenfeldt-Rieger syndrome has changed

This is what happened to the absolutely unique girl who was born with huge eyes 🤗🤔

Today, we will share the incredible story of one absolutely unique girl who was born with huge eyes. People on social media were literally left speechless when they first saw the photos of this little cutie.

Few know that the bigness of her eyes were conditioned by Axenfeldt-Rieger syndrome.

Her rare condition doesn’t let her go out without wearing sunglasses as she is too sensitive to the sunlight.

The initial aim when they created a page on the network was to raise awareness and to receive support from others. Whereas the internet is filled with negative comments too so the parents worry about the security of their child.

Melanie is now 4 and helps her mother as much as she can. Karina claims that their family is happy. She hopes that her heiress’s unique appearance will help them gain fame and earn money shortly.

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