«Looked like a granny at the age of 15!»: Here is what the fate of the teenage girl turned out

This is what happened to the 15-year-old Chinese girl who looked like a granny 😳🤗

Here is X. Feng San whose incredible story left people speechless. She was born with a rare genetic disorder that didn’t let her live like an ordinary girl. At the age of 15, she looked like an aged and wrinkled granny with saggy skin.

When the poor girl started to go to school, her life changed for the worst as her peers and classmates constantly made fun of her uniqueness. However, Xiao could do nothing about it.

Signs of aging were found not only on her face, but also started to affect her internal organs. However, she got a second chance when she met a specialist who agreed to help her. Her absolutely unique case piqued many experts’ interest.

She was constantly ridiculed and made fun of by all the people around. All this made her introverted and preserved. When she started to attend a university, her life became a real nightmare.

One expert promised that he could operate on her changing her skin tissues. The serious surgery cost about 500 thousand yuan which seems something insane.

Fortunately, the hospital offered a 70 percent discount. This restored her hope for the better.

She underwent a complex of operations. The procedures lasted for hours. As a result, her excess skin was removed.

After the operation, she couldn’t find any words to express her gratitude to all the doctors.

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