«Little Hercules» years later!: This is what the strongest child looks like years later

Did you recognize the world’s strongest child? He is already 24 and looks like this! 😱😳

Here is R. Sandrak who has been called the strongest boy. However surprising it might seem, she could bench-press and, believe it or not, he could lift 53 pounds at the age of 11.

The boy was even given the name «Little Hercules» and was often invited to competitions, shows, commercials and even minor roles in films. This led his family to move to California so as all the doors to show business would be open.

He worked out under the supervision of his father who was a former champion in martial arts. However, people often criticized him for pressing on his child forcing him to train all day long.

When he was 11, he witnessed how his father assaulted his mother and rushed to call the police. Soon, the man was arrested being accused of violence.

He was no longer in touch with his father and refused to accept him. He also stopped training each day and had undergone changes in his appearance.

«I am very proud of my achievements as a child, I am not ashamed of them and I do not try to hide this page of my life from anyone. They tried to make me look like some kind of abomination of nature».

Currently, he runs every morning and is fond of skateboarding. However, it goes without saying that he no longer resembles «Little Hercules». He is a stuntman in the show «Waterworld».

When he was asked what he wanted to be, he replied, «A scientist, doing quantum physics, or an engineer at NASA, Why not?».

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