«Isn’t it illegal to look this hot with no makeup?»: The natural beauty of 37-year-old Shayk captivated everyone

Here is the supermodel’s natural look 🤔🧐

This 37-year-old woman’s name is well-known all over the world. She built a drizzling career of a model and became a legendary fashion star. Her allure and unique beauty let hardly anyone remain indifferent.

However, only a few have seen the popular star with no cosmetics on. She has to make some changes with what cosmetics she uses for the sake of healthy and glowing skin.

Her morning routine includes using ice to energize her skin and to arise senses on her face. She freshens her face in this way and this is how her ordinary day begins.

However, the renowned model often shows herself with no makeup. No hint of makeup was seen on her face. She was dressed in a black hoodie. The followers couldn’t get enough of her totally natural appearance.

The fans and supporters of the runway star highly appreciated her honesty and self-acceptance. Some even added that she looked even younger and fresher.

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