Gregory from «House» is unrecognizable: Everyone’s favorite star of «House» has considerably aged

The fans refuse to believe that this homeless-like man is iconic actor Hugh Laurie 😱😳

The enormous success of «House» can hardly be overestimated. For eight years it managed to captivate everyone and millions were excitedly waiting for the new episodes. The role of this prominent actor is significant, of course.

He brilliantly portrayed the leading character and received, believe it or not, 250 thousand pounds for each episode.

Apart from acting in the medical drama, he has appeared in TV shows, performed concerts as a pianist and musician as well. He has successfully proved to the entire world that he is talented not only in acting, but also in performing.

Here he is walking with his dog in the northern part of London. His changed appearance let no single one stay indifferent.

Many consider that he lost his charm and attractiveness, while his fans and supporters rushed to protect him. It should be mentioned that he has never strived to meet all social expectations and standard patterns.

Instead, he proved his skills and versatility in artistry establishing his irreplaceable role in the industry.

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