«From a handsome guy to an alien-like creature»: This is what this hairstylist looked like before the transformation

Here are archive photos of this hairstylist before he underwent a series of surgeries 🤔🧐

Can you guess whether this is a boy or a girl? This is a qualified and professional hairstylist who moved from a small town to a major city for the sake of his cherished dream.

He managed to make his dream come true and became a renowned and successful hairstylist. He is so in demand that his clients should make an appointment months before.

However, in order to earn more money and attract more and more attention, the guy decided to undergo several surgeries. This is what he looked like before.

As his parents claim, it was the big city that had a significant impact on him leading the boy to transform himself beyond recognition.

How about you? What are your thoughts?

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