«From a beauty into an alien-like creature!»: The archive photos of this plastic surgery victim left everyone speechless

No one believes their eyes when seeing what a beauty this surgery victim used to be 😱😳

In today’s reality, the service of plastic surgery is something common and usual among millions of people. Now, a large number of girls, women and not only are obsessed with altering their appearance being unable to accept that.

However, not all surgeries go well and provide desirable results. There have been cases that plastic surgery distorted their beauty and their identity. Today’s heroine has become one of those who couldn’t stop after the very first operation..

She is Andrea Bulgaria who actively leads a page on social media and periodically shares the results of the new surgeries. Initially, some believed that she put on some filters and Photoshop.

In total, Andrea has undergone 20 plastic operations and eventually achieved the result she had long been dreaming for long.  Her non-standard look lets no single one stay indifferent.

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