«Drives men crazy even at her 49!»: The stunning appearance of Cruz on vacation delighted everyone

Each and every photo of this Spanish star makes us fall in love with her again and again 😍

Cruz is well-known as one of the most successful, desirable and talented actresses in Spain who won millions of hearts with her unearthly charm and beautiful acting in the 2000s’ films and series. People never cease to admire and even adore her.

However surprising it might seem, the outstanding actress is now 49, but no one would actually give her more than 30. Her unfading beauty and femininity pleasantly surprise the fans. Her recent photos became the topic of discussion.

Her eyes and smile made a deep impression on everyone who were lucky to see her.

«If aging, then only in this way!», «Her beauty is divine!».

«The woman I can admire forever», «The hottest actress for sure!», «Slayed girl!», «She drives all men crazy».

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