«Conquers the runway in an unbuttoned shirt»: All eyes were on Crawford’s heiress at the Fashion show

Crawford’s daughter unbuttons her shirt on the runway during Paris Fashion Week 😳🤔

Following in the career footsteps of her legendary mother, K. Gerber has already achieved incredible heights and great success in the big world of modeling.

At her 21, she was already invited to take part in Valentino’s autumn/winter couture show which became an epic display being the perfect mixture of simplicity and ultimate gorgeousness.

The group of stylists worked hard to create a stunning and, at the same time, simple outfit. The girl managed to show all her glory and conquer the runway with natural makeup, with her hair down and in an unbuttoned white shirt.

Her loose-fitting jeans and silver shoes perfectly complemented the image. The final touch became her massive chandelier earrings with stones.

The unbuttoned shirt almost revealed her breasts, yet the model managed to complete the show brilliantly. Her enchanting look is still being discussed by fashion critics who find her appearance one of the most talked-about ones.

Her stunning look captivated everyone at the Cannes Film Festival as well when she opted a gorgeous evening gown with a semi-open chest. The outfit drew everyone’s attention.

It is worth mentioning that she often appears with her boyfriend and their each and every appearance immediately becomes the topic of public discussions.

Everyone highly praises the young, but talented girl’s sense of fashion, brilliant style and charisma. It goes without saying that she will soon establish her irreplaceable place in modeling and not only.

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