«You won’t see anything more touching than this today!»: Willis managed to see his grandchild

Emotional footage of seriously ill Willis hugging his newborn grandchild for the first time 🥹😍

For those who don’t know yet, this legendary and incredibly talented action movie star has frontotemporal dementia. Unluckily, this disease has no treatment. For a long time, he used a device in his ear, but now it is hardly possible to.

So, he had to say «Goodbye!» to his drizzling career as an actor. Currently, he lives with his wife and their two heiresses. However, his ex-wife doesn’t forget about him even for a day and constantly takes care and supports the man.

What is more, his older daughters from Moore regularly visit their father. It is worth mentioning that one of them has recently become a mother welcoming her parents’ first grandchild.

Here are the photos that touched the whole Internet. Fortunately, Willis managed to see and hug his first grandchild.

Let’s pray for the prominent actor!

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