«You won’t see anything more fantastic than this!»: This autistic boy created the biggest replica of Titanic

Believe it or not, this autistic boy built the largest replica of Titanic with Lego 😱🥰

Though Titanic sank more than 100 years ago, its fame and glory will always touch people’s hearts. Meet Brynjar, the creator of this masterpiece. He used 55 000 figures and about a year to complete it.

Many strongly refused to believe that such a little boy with the syndrome could build such a complicated figure. Today, he is already 19 and his incredible work changed his life to the roots.

It all started with his grandfather who periodically took him fishing and that is when he started to love ships. One day, they visited Legoland since when he has taken a great interest in creating massive figures with Lego.

Given the fact that his grandfather is an engineer, he took an active part in his hobby helping him to take the right path. All his relatives helped him collect money for the right amount of figures needed for his phenomenal work.

With the help of people’s love, support and encouragement, he managed to overcome everything and now works at a ferry helping people travel to islands.

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