«You look old, you just have good data». Paulina Porizkova calmly responded to the criticism of Internet users directed at her appearance  

She surprised everyone with her response to the negative comments 🤔😳

Everything started when Paulina Porizkova shared a photo of herself in black underwear. Her photo was criticized by netizens, who expressed their surprise at the star’s look. They said that she seems to be a grandmother at the age of 58.

In response to this comment, Paulina expressed her own opinion, saying that she is a happy granny of 5 grandchildren and accepts herself as she is.

But it was not the only negative comment written by her audience, as someone wrote that she looks in this way thanks to numerous plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures.

But as for Paulina, she never gets upset about such things and tries her best to go forward to show everyone that she is brave and self-confident and having such a beautiful appearance at this age is a great pleasure for her.

She loves herself and the way she looks. The model advises everyone not to focus on other people’s opinions and to accept themselves as they are.

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