«You don’t need wings to fly!»: The incredible story of this aerial gymnast encourages millions in the world

This is how this legless girl with special needs became a gymnast and found her sister 🥰🤗

When this poor girl with no legs was born, her mother heartlessly abandoned her as she was scared and didn’t want a baby with special needs. But luckily, another family rushed to adopt her giving her a second chance to live a happy life.

The foster family encourages her to never lose her hope and always keep going. However surprising it might seem, she even took part in basketball and volleyball matches and felt herself included and like everyone else there.

Even at the age of eight she started to take an interest in gymnastics. She was ignited for her idol named Dominique Moceanu who, believe it or not, turned out to be her biological sister.

She became a champion and proved to the entire world that the absence of legs didn’t prevent her from delighting the entire world with her great talent and potential. She even found her biological family and now lives her life to the fullest.

What concerns her personal life, she is married and is absolutely happy.

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