«When surgeons went too far!»: The appearance of Schiver after numerous surgeries left everyone speechless

The face of Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in a close-up became the subject of discussions 🤔🧐

M. Schiver has recently been captured in the streets of Santa Monica by freelance photographers. People strongly refused to believe that this exhausted woman with awful skin was actually the former beauty icon.

After a set of numerous surgeries, it is now hard to recognize the celebrity. Many were disappointed and many started to worry about her condition.

«How could one spoil herself this much?», «No trace of the former beauty!», «I can’t believe my eyes. What has happened to her?», «Her face in close-up makes me disappointed».

Interestingly enough, 25 years of marriage and the presence of four children didn’t prevent the spouses from filing for divorce. The process, believe it or not, took about a decade.

The main reason for their divorce became the man’s announcement that he had an illegitimate son on the side. His wife didn’t play the victim and immediately rushed to file for divorce.

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