«What keeps the 85-year-old fitness queen staying active?»: Agelessly beautiful Fonda spoke about her beauty secrets

People can hardly believe that stunning Jane Fonda with a toned body is in her 80s 😳😍

J. Fonda, who has recently celebrated her 85th birthday, is still called a fitness queen. She serves as a prime example of how a woman even in her 80s can look amazing. One of her secrets lies in her ability to do her regular exercises even when being sick.

It is to be mentioned that she is an environmentalist and feminist. Recently, she honestly spoke about her ageless beauty and activeness when being interviewed.

She shared her honest thoughts about people’s desire to become thin. Fonda is convinced that being thin may cause harm and simply can not make the person happy.

She provides almost all kinds of exercises including pregnancy exercises, yoga, baby exercises and so others. Even when she was in her 70s, her age didn’t prevent her from filming videos and sharing them with netizens.

The star also opened up about her relationship with men. She fearlessly admitted that she was taught that women were inferior and should obey men.

Apart from sports, she reads a lot and travels widely over the world. The key secret to her longevity and activeness lies in self-love and a healthy lifestyle.

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