«Too hot for this world!»: The stunning bikini body of Kardashian became the subject of heated discussions

Khloe Kardashian showed her body in a latex bikini and left fans speechless 😍

The interesting shots this popular and successful star has recently shared from vacation let no single one stay indifferent. She was wearing swimwear promoting a fashion brand from the new collection.

She attractively posed in several outfits and in each of them Khloe looked amazing. What concerns this one, she proudly shows her figure in a tight-fitting black and gold bikini with her wet hair flowing in the wind.

The celebrity also modeled a pink and black bathing suit making it clear that she was fully ready for the summer season.

It is worth mentioning that the last several months were rather difficult for her since she has recently had a tumor on her left cheek removed. As a result, she got a huge scar. For those who don’t know, she had a tumor removed at the age of 19 as well.

With a basketball player T. Thompson she had two children yet the couple broke up shortly after the arrival of their second heir.

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