«Time has taken her beauty!»: The way British film star Ormond has changed let no one remain indifferent

Everyone’s favorite Ormond surprised the fans with her belly and double chin 😳🤔

Perhaps, the name of this highly acclaimed and sought-after British actress may be familiar to most of you. She has built a drizzling acting career and even starred in the movie «The Barber of Siberia».

Her every role was highly acclaimed and praised by the international community. Whereas she hasn’t appeared on the big screen for a relatively long time.

Throughout this time, she dedicated herself to charity and social work. Though many remember her as the beauty icon, time has taken her beauty and she now looks like another person.

Over the years, she ceased to look like herself. Many hardly recognized her especially in the recent paparazzi photos.

She has considerably gained weight. She was caught in a loose T-shirt, tights and a messy bun on her hair. Her unkempt look came as a big surprise for absolutely everyone.

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