«This is what motherhood can do!»: Paparazzi caught iconic actress Diaz walking with her little heiress

Diaz was caught with her daughter whose identity she was always trying to hide 😱😳

The fact that this talented actress and former model hasn’t got any surgeries unlike most of today’s stars makes her fans be truly proud of her. For this very reason, people respect and appreciate her even more.

The woman decided to age with grace and in a natural way. These days, she has been caught with her little heiress by paparazzi. The face of the baby was clearly seen leading the fans to conclude that she no longer kept her identity in secret.

However, some noticed that the legendary woman put on weight and was no longer the same icon. In her fans’ eyes, she looked even unrecognizable.

Many explained this as one of the «side effects» of motherhood. Now, her number one priority is the family, and no longer her career or the industry.

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