«There is no trace of the former handsome man». Nicholas Brandon’s life before and after alcohol

He ruined his own life 😳😲

When «Buffy the Vampire Slayer» was shown on screens, people immediately loved it. It became famous very quickly especially for the role of Xander, which was portrayed by Nicholas Brandon.

He was quite a handsome man and due to it many people loved him and he played the same role four times.

But unluckily, he has transformed beyond recognition and it’s hard to believe that he is the same man.

During his acting career he enjoyed popularity. Everyone desired to be next to him. He was known throughout the world, but when the series ended, his career ended, too.

He disappeared from screens and no one wanted to work with him.

The reason of it is alcohol. The once handsome man appeared in a terrible condition. He got into scandals and was frequently detained by the police.

Alcohol not only affected his life, but also his appearance. Now he looks miserable. It’s sad to see him like this.

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