«Their sudden interest is hypocritical!»: This is how the actor responded to those who criticized him

You will be surprised to know how Gosling reacted to the haters’ criticism 😳🧐

R. Gosling has recently faced negativity from people who were convinced that the actor was too old for playing the role of Ken.

Netizens claim that his wrinkles and other age-related changes don’t «allow» him to portray such a character. To some, H. Cavill or Ch. Evans would undeniably be a much better options.

In response to this, the actor rushed to speak up during his interview with GQ. He was quick to note that there were several other «Kens» and people could choose any of them.

The fact that people got really concerned about the character who was already «in the background» greatly surprised the man. He found their growing interest and irritation hypocritical.

Apart from this, the movie star feels comfortable to portray such a character. He himself considers himself as Ken’s representative.

What do you think? Was he the best candidate for that role?


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