«The woman who gave birth to Jolie!»: This is what Hollywood actress Jolie’s mother looked like 

Here are exclusive photos of Jolie’s mother in youth that you have hardly ever seen 🧐🥰

Here are M. Bertrand’s rare archive photos shared on her 73rd birthday by her daughter, the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star and the world’s most beautiful woman. It is worth mentioning that the woman passed away 15 years ago.

The reason for her premature departure was cancer that occurs rather often in the legendary actress’s family. And it was at the age of 58 that she could no more survive and left her family in tears and sorrow.

For those who don’t know, Jolie had a faulty BRCA1 at the age of 37 which increased the chances of her breast and ovarian cancers. That’s why she took pervasive actions so as not to have the same fate as her mother.

In her turn, she encourages all the women to take good care of themselves and spreads awareness about such things in honor of her late parent.

She strongly advises women to take annual tests on cancer to have enough time to prevent it from progressing.

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