«The hearts of his fans are broken!»; The fatigued look of Baldwin became the subject of discussions

The post-operation look of Alec Baldwin walking with a cane saddened the fans 😢🥺

It is worth mentioning that this prominent actor had his hip joint replaced about two weeks ago. He has recently been captured walking with a cane. His fatigued and exhausted look saddened everyone.

As is known, she endured much pain in his leg and couldn’t walk but for a cane. The hip replacement surgery made him look much weaker. Even from the screen it was clearly seen that he felt strong discomfort.

He updated the news about his current health condition admitting that the first days past the serious operation were full of unbearable pain.

Currently, he is in the process of recovery and is focused on his rehabilitation journey.

His recent appearance saddened absolutely everyone. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

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