«The girl with a doll appearance has grown up!»: This is how the girl who won all the beauty contests has changed

The doll-like girl who won all the beauty contests has grown up: Before-After photos 🤔🧐

Here is Eden Wood who was worldwide popular thanks to her doll-like appearance. Believe it or not, she won her very first beauty competition when she was only 4. Already at her 6 she could earn enough money for her whole family.

Many are wondering how the famous girl has changed and this is what the 17-year-old model looks like today. She has some plans to run a business of children’s toys. Eden is quite popular on Instagram and has many followers who always admire her.

Some are convinced that the makeup the girl wore while participating in contests definitely made the little cutie look older.

According to the others, her parents took advantage of the little girl depriving her of carefree childhood years.

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