«The fear that led her not to become a mother»: This is what Bullock’s adopted grown-up children look like

Bullock opened up with the fans admitting why she was afraid to become a mother 🤔🤔

It is interesting to know that S. Bullock has recently revealed that she was afraid to become a mother. Her fear was connected with her mother who asked her not to be like her, the fact that surprised the entire world.

The star’s mother had a terrible habit of suppressing her wishes, desires and feelings. Sandra couldn’t do anything about that and had no way out.

This led her to question whether she would be a good mother or not and whether she would repeat her mother’s mistakes or not. This changed her life at the roots. Hurricane Katrina led her to think that her future child was in New Orleans.

There, she found a boy with whom she felt a special connection. Afterward, she adopted a daughter as well. She could finally overcome her fear and felt the excitement of becoming a mother.

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