«Summer vibes from the Pretty Woman»: What the Hollywood star looks like with no makeup came as a big surprise

Far not everyone liked the look of the Pretty Woman in an «honest» close-up selfie 🧐🤔

The selfie the star of «Pretty Woman» has lately posted on social media in a lilac top, a cap and sunglasses quickly became the subject of heated discussions among netizens. She posed against a brick house and gave summer vibes.

As a reminder, she was born in 1967 and started her drizzling career back in 1988. However surprising it might seem, there have been 50 projects with her brilliant participation.

It was a few years ago that the Hollywood beauty announced she would no longer star in comedies and melodramas. Now, she gives her preference to more mature and said to be serious roles.

What films have you watched with her participation?

Do you think she has changed a lot?

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