«She seems to be a young girl!». Kylie Minogue, 54, delighted her fans with her home selfie

No one can give her more than 30 😍

Kylie Minogue is an Australian actress, who amazed everyone with her charm and beauty. Although the star is already 54, she attracts her fans with her youthful appearance. It’s hard to believe that she is more than 50, because having such a pretty look at this age is something special.

Recently, she published a home selfie in a short dress, which immediately gained netizens’ attention, because there she looks like a young girl.

She shows off her pretty figure and timeless beauty. Under the photo she greets her fans with a warm note: «Hi, lovers!».

Now the star is in Australia and intends to stay there for some time.

The celebrity started her acting career at the age of 12. Although at that time she was given small roles, later she achieved her goal and became a well-known actress all over the world.

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