«She knows how to surprise everyone around»: The extravagant outfit of Fox became the subject of discussions

The outrageous look of Kanye West’s ex-partner left everyone speechless 😱😳

Piazza Michelangelo in Florence commemorated the most influential fashion trends of the past half-century. It included a spectrum of attire from the 1970’s\ punk rock aesthetics, 1980s’ sportswear and then minimalism.

The way J. Fox appeared in a scarlet latex dress showcasing her hips caused a stir. The outrageous outfit of K. West’s ex impressed absolutely everyone. Her vibrant makeup came as a perfect complement to her daring image.

Moreover, she had a phoenix motif on her face that excellently matched her bold outfit. The final touch became her petite handbag and lace-up platform shoes.

«This is what high fashion is», «Unusual, but fantastic», «She definitely knows how to surprise everyone around!», «People won’t see anything more impressive than this today».

«Am I the only one who thinks that this is totally too much?», «Too piquant for an event».

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