«She isn’t called the hottest for no reason!»: The extra spicy outfit of Fox surprised everyone

The «Jennifer’s Body» star showed her half-naked body in a mini blazer dress 😳😍

The recent provocative appearance of M. Fox in a mini blazer dress attracted the special attention of everyone around. 37-year-old Fox flew to Dusseldorf to be present at the charity function. Her alluring look let no one remain indifferent.

The «Jennifer’s Body» actress drew the paparazzi’s and cameramen’s attention. The shortness of her revealing tuxedo dress with no underwear came as a big surprise.

The gorgeous ginger hair of the America’s hottest star was gently waved giving the «Transformers» star even more charm and femininity.

Her extra-long nails became the complement to her daring look. The final touch to her provocative image was her tiny handbag. She posed seductively while all the cameras were directed to her.

«Am I the only one who believes that she is the most attractive actress in the US?», «She is on another level of gorgeousness», «Each and every part of her body is beautiful».

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