«She denies the obvious!»: This is how Beckham responded to those who were dissatisfied with her changed look

Beckham denies that she has had any surgery, yet these photos show another thing 😳🧐

It is no secret that the majority of celebrities have undergone at least one plastic surgery in pursuit of a flawless appearance. Today’s beauty standards dictate their own rules and only a few refrain from turning to such procedures.

Here is 48-year-old V. Beckham, a renowned and successful fashion designer, who has recently made a splash after sharing her new photos.

The netizens were quick to claim that she obviously turned to plastic surgeons and cosmetologists and changed her appearance beyond recognition.

«I’ve never had plastic surgery». To this, fans rushed to respond, «She denies the obvious», «What’s the use of cheating?».

«She ceased to look like herself», «I hardly recognized her!», «What’s wrong with her face? How many surgeries has she had?».

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