«She Defies Age with Her Timeless Beauty!» Kate Beckinsale appeared at an event in a spicy image    

The years have completely no control over her 😳😍

Kate Beckinsale, who is about 50 years old, seems to be much younger. This gorgeous woman continues to attract us with her wonderful look. She is an icon for many people, and even a lot of youngsters dream of having such a pretty body.

Her appearance at the Fashion Trust US Awards in Los Angeles stunned everyone. As usual, she came there in a very luxurious look, which didn’t leave even a single person indifferent.

This beauty gains attention with her amazing appearance, and it’s hard to believe that she is nearly 50.

Her fans expressed their love and admiration for her spicy image. Surprisingly,  there was no negative opinion about her look. She was shining during the whole event.

Now the star doesn’t keep a strict diet as she did before. She sometimes eats sweets and meat. She refuses plastic surgeries, but applies for other cosmetic procedures.

According to her, she has a strong resemblance to her mother and inherited all good features from her.

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