«She ages like good wine!»: The attractive look of Lopez in a see-through dress left the fans speechless

No one took their eyes off Lopez’s hot look in a see-through dress with a bow 😍

J. Lopez is not only an incredibly talented, overall-successful and renowned singer, but also a beauty icon who has a sound sense of humor. She often gives her preference to rather bold, revealing and outrageous outfits.

Since she possesses an attractive and appetizing figure, everything she wear suits her and perfectly emphasizes her toned figure.

Her recent spectacular appearance at the premiere of «My Pirate Wedding» in a completely see-through dress with a bow has long been discussed.

The bow was tied around her perfect waist. Many couldn’t take their eyes off the woman who managed to capture all people’s attention there.

The magnificent dress was from Valentino and perfectly suited her giving the singer, even more, charm and becoming one of the main highlights at the event.

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