«Shaved head and men’s clothes!»: The entirely new image of Brad’s and Jolie’s child became the subject of discussions

The boyish style of bald Shiloh in men’s clothes raised questions among the fans 😳😲

The entirely new image of Shiloh, the daughter of the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» stars became the subject of heated discussions. Her recent appearance let no single one stay indifferent.

She appeared with a shaved head and surprised absolutely everyone with her non-standard taste of clothing. It seemed as if she was wearing men’s clothes. Her outfit in mini shorts and a men’s black T-shirt with a moon print raised questions.

Some found her strange style as boyish. The changed appearance of the teenage girl came as a big surprise for network stars.

It is worth mentioning that she has always preferred men’s clothes more and even at the age of 12 cut her hair short. Believe it or not, she took hormonal medication and even wanted to change her name into John.

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