«Red is only for icons!»: No one remained indifferent towards  Lopez’s magnificent image in a red dress

The gorgeous look of Lopez in a scarlet dress with feathers drove everyone crazy 😍

The recent appearance of Lopez in a crimson scarlet dress with feathers delighted absolutely everyone. \It goes without saying that her life never fails to be the center of attention among netizens.

Her recently posted video for her Delola cocktail line immediately went viral and blow up the network.

Her magnificent scarlet dress as embellishment deeply impressed everyone. She proudly showcased her stunning legs and it seemed as if she didn’t know how to age.

The daring high-heeled shoes of the celebrity and evening makeup pleasantly surprised her followers.

For those who don’t know, B. Affleck and her got married last summer organizing a humble party inviting only the closest ones.

The heartwarming photos from the party made a splash on the network. Many sincerely admired their special bond and sincere love.

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