«Rare footage of the Pretty Woman’s grown-up kids»: This is what the three children of Roberts have changed

Only a few have seen what the «Pretty Woman» star’s grown-up children look like now 😳🤗

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this talented and charismatic Hollywood actress. Apart from being enormously successful in her acting career, she is a caring mother as well who is raising three kids.

Here are her children. They are truly adorable, aren’t they?

The eldest one is a student in a private school in Los Angeles. She decided to follow in her mother’s career footsteps and has already starred in several films. She takes a great interest in modeling as well.

Phinnaeus hasn’t decided what profession to choose yet. What concerns the younger one, he will probably become a singer since he attends a musical school and has a beautiful voice.

The Hollywood icon has always been trying to keep her children’s privacy keeping them away from the spotlight.

But recently, her beloved husband shared a happy family photo thanking her for being such a devoted mom.

It was Mother’s Day and she received several congratulations.

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