Rachel Ward: From ‚The Thorn Birds‘ Success to a Lasting Love Story – Actress Celebrates 65th Birthday with a Remarkable Journey

The life story of the famous actress excites everyone 🧐🤔

Rachel Ward had to pass through a lot of difficulties to become a famous actress, because her relatives didn’t want her to choose this profession, thinking that she must be interested in art. However, her family supported her and thanks to their efforts, she moved to Hollywood to begin her career.

But she didn’t have success easily, as she first worked as a model, then due to her beauty and attractiveness, she was invited to play in small roles.

Her big success arose when she was offered to play in the famous movie «The Thorn Birds». She must portray the character of Maggie Cleary. Although she was afraid of such a big responsibility, she agreed.

She did her task perfectly and her acting skills, which was seen especially after this role, brought popularity to her.

But the most exciting thing is that the actress found her true love on the set. She started a romance with Brian Brown, who still continues to be a wonderful partner for her.

They are a loving and devoted couple. They have three children: two daughters and a son. Their family is already 35 years old and they continue to live in love and respect.

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