«Posed naked for Vogue at her 82!»: The provocative photo shoot of Miriam Margulies raised questions

The «Harry Potter» star at 82 got naked for Vogue and left everyone speechless 😳😲

Here is the British-Australian comedian who has recently left the whole Internet speechless with her bold and provocative photo shoot. She is best remembered for playing professor Pomona Stabel in «Harry Potter».

Without being afraid of possible criticism, she fearlessly got naked and posed nude for the popular magazine. The photos quickly caused a stir and became the subject of heated discussions. She posed naked against a white backdrop and looked confident.

She was not embarrassed or doubtful, instead, knew what exactly she was doing at the moment. She raised her finger pointing out the muffin buns. Her scarlet manicure and ironic smile left the fans speechless. Her saggy skin and big belly weren’t unnoticed.

For those who don’t know, she shared the news about her upcoming heart surgery which would involve stent insertion. The prominent actress boldly faces her fear and clearly realizes that her life journey may come to an end at any moment.

She spoke about the departure of her co-star R. Coltrane who brilliantly portrayed Hagrid. She shared that the 72-year-old actor was fond of alcohol and struggled with obesity.

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